Recruiting with the cutting-edge AI

We leverage the cutting edge AI Technology to recruiting, saving time and cost for our clients – Bias-free & AI algorithm!

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Havinlan takes ownership of the recruitment process, including job posting, candidate sourcing to application management, and much more.

Intern Hosting Programs

We help businesses hire the most talented and diverse candidates for their organizations and make it easy to host talented interns at absolutely no cost.

Employer Branding Strategies

Our effective employer branding strategy allows your company to be recognized and surge in brand awareness so that you can land great employees’.

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About Our AI System

Transforming Talent Acquisition with AI

Use of AI at the different stages of the recruitment process. Our intelligent automation technology makes connections that go further than traditional recruitment service

End-to-end automation

The recruitment automation helps automate ALL administrative tasks, saving time and cost for our clients.

Strategic Sourcing & Headhunting

Our unique headhunting tools include Source Booster, Resume Extractor, and Cooperation with several Job Boards.

Application Management

We cooperate with the most powerful AI tools that can help evaluate candidates accurately without human errors.

Free eBook

The ultimate guide to recruiting with AI Technology

Why us?

Why choose us?

We hire faster, better at low cost. We believe AI will be pivotal in making new hires. Our advancing AI system lessens human autonomy to such an extent that most HR expert will not be better off than the ways AI do for recruitment today.


Save time up to

Time saving

The recruitment automation, which can be set up in a few clicks, helps automate all administrative tasks, thus increasing recruiter productivity, accelerating time-to-fill, and reducing cost-per-hire.


Save cost up to


The AI Robotics outperform human in multiple cognition-related tasks such as: resume parsing, sourcing, evaluating, thus saving up to 63% recruiting cost for our clients.


Hire faster

Better quality of hire

The data-driven recruiting is the most effective. Our AI provides us comprehensive automated analytics and reporting to avoiding human errors and ultimately make well-informed decisions.

Our team member

We are a family, we care about each other

Here in Havinlan, we care about each other. We share happiness and difficulties.

No matter your business, you’re in the business of people. People are key to the growth and success of any company. You motivate your employees, incentivizes them while inspire them.

Hannah Abigail

CEO & Founder

I have over 8 years experience in HR, already succeeded in recruiting across the industry, especially IT recruitment. But recruiting with AI Tech has gone beyond my past efficiency.

Chesta Narang

HR Specialist

The reason why I choose Havinlan to work is because of its Sales Strategies, which is “Never Try To Sell, Try To Help Clients” by all mean. Every day is a new thing to learn.

Mia Le

HR Coordinator

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Hire faster

Customized Services

We can choose toward your hiring needs.

We reduce the cost by taking advantage of AI Technology in recruiting. Automating the whole recruiting process helps us minimize errors, time, and hiring costs, and maximize productivity. Hence, our price is much lower than other traditional agencies.

Full RPO Service

SEO job description

Advertising & sourcing

Screening & shortlisting

Feedback Generation

Analysis & final report

Function-based Service

If you are able to get some recruiting steps done on your own, and you only need us for the rest, the price can even be cheaper. Check what you can outsource.

Support Center

What do you need help?

We are specialized in finding and placing the best Talents in the right place. Request to start now!

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Permanent Employee

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Intern or Trainee

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Employer Branding

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A job or an internship

Our Resources

Download Free eBook

Free eBook, guidelines, and booklets relating to recruitment process outsourcing, employer branding, and internship hosting, written by our professional authors.


The ultimate guide to recruiting with AI Technology


How to start hosting an international intern


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