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6 tips on how to write a SEO-Friendly

Job Description

SEO-Friendly Job Descriptions

Most of the business owners and bloggers are well-familiar with the importance of SEO in attracting more online traffic. However, many employers and even the most well-established HR departments often neglect the significance of optimizing the job description. Generally, a job description should be clear and easily searchable to attract the most qualified potential candidates to apply for a particular position. The purpose of this article is to explain some of the best strategies of writing SEO-friendly job descriptions professionally and attractively to hire the best talent to your company.

Job description – selecting Relevant Keywords and Phrases

The importance of SEO in job descriptions cannot be understated because by optimizing the job description, you are able to rank the job postings higher in search results and hence, attract the right talent for your company.

The most important thing about making the job description SEO-friendly is that you should select and write suitable keywords and phrases as the search engines like Google will be scanning the content for commonly-searched terms. For instance, if you are recruiting a supervisor, you will have to emphasize the important job description keywords associated with a supervisor’s duties and responsibilities like scheduling, organizing, managing, and support. 

SEO-Friendly Job Title

Special attention must be paid to the job title as most of the job seekers search for internships and employment opportunities with simple titles. As a result, job titles play a critical role in its ranking. Generally, you should keep the title clear, brief, and consistent with the job titles used by your competitors. 

The good thing about writing attractive and engaging job titles is that it is quite straightforward. It would be best if you kept up with the market trends as you can save the creativity for writing the job description. Some of the common examples of SEO-friendly job titles are simple terms like “Application Developer,” “Office Manager,” and many other such self-explanatory titles.

SEO-friendly Job Descriptions

Conciseness in Job Description

An attractive job description does not mean that it is full of technical words and complex vocabulary. Instead, a concise and to the point description has a higher chance of being ranked on the search engines. It should highlight the personality traits that you are looking for in the candidates. Moreover, the eligibility criteria should be listed in the form of specific names of the certificates, educational level, and work experience. 

Another advantage of writing a concise job description is that it will attract the best talent for your company. If you give a very broad and general job description, all kinds of candidates will start applying for the job, making the entire recruitment process more hectic and time-consuming.

Do Not Use Abbreviations

In newspapers and other such traditional publications, you can use certain abbreviations like “Sr” for “Senior.” However, abbreviations should be avoided in writing online job descriptions because using abbreviated terms can have an adverse impact on the job description’s SEO ranking. Furthermore, the internal job title doesn’t need to be consistent with how the candidates are searching for a particular position. Therefore, employers have to consider job seekers’ perspective and make sure the job application is easily accessible.

Multiple Keywords

SEO is all about using the right keywords. Search engines like Google update their ranking algorithm every few months, so the employers and HR departments need to update the job descriptions as per the modern trends. For instance, the practice of adding too many keywords in a single job post has become obsolete, so such things should be avoided. 

A general approach that can be used in writing an SEO-friendly job description is that first, you write the job description without worrying about the suitable keywords. Once you have completed the first draft, you should add the keywords you think the candidates will use in their search. Online tools like Google Keyword Tool can be used to explore various keywords and use the ones that will rank higher on the search engines and attract more skillful candidates.


Formatting is one of the most important and often overlooked parts of SEO-friendly writings. When you are dealing with formal writing, such as a job description, it is much easier to get the templates from various sources. Generally, you should ensure that the entire document has appropriate paragraph breaks. You can also add bullet points, for example, in the eligibility section. A well-formatted job description will not only help you in SEO ranking but also attract more job seekers.


Hiring is an essential part of any type of organization and business. Even though it can be a challenging task for a lot of companies, especially startups and small-scale businesses, you can make it easier by following the tips discussed above and making sure that your attractive and well-written job descriptions are visible in online search results to get the best candidates for your company.

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