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The best employer branding requires top-notch and creative methods of personnel market research in order to tackle the employer attractiveness.

A great employer brand makes you stand out

Employer Branding explained

   What is Employer Branding

Employer Branding refers to the steps that are taken to transform and upscale your reputation as an employer among the potential employees, stakeholders, and job seekers who are on a lookout for a job. The process of Employer Branding includes every task that is crucial to position you as one of the best employees.

   Why should you invest in EB? 

Employer Branding is a process of creating and maintaining the company’s reputation. It’s important to attract a newer workforce that is generally passive and to uphold the current workforce. A great Employer Branding aids in achieving a robust team of skilled individuals.

   Some statistics 

75% of candidates search for firm’s reputation before applying for the job

83% of employers say the employer brand plays an important roles in their ability to hire talent

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The first step you should start


candidate experience

Havinlan’s team works on the improvement of candidate experience on the daily basis. We create the candidate engagement platform to collect feedback, making sure that the candidates enjoy the best application experiences.

Simple Application Process

An simple and effective application process will attract more candidates, thus making the company stand out

Candidate Engagement

The candidate portal help us to stay in touch with candidates and send messages to them quicker than your competitor.

Client portal

We have dedicated portals for our customers where you get context-specific access to applications, submit interview feedback, and raise support requests.

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Building an employer branding Strategy in 4 simple steps

Our strategies

Our Employer Branding Strategies

We have brought to you the right tools and dedicated people to build an outstanding employer branding strategy.

SEO Company Profiles

The first thing that candidates look into before applying is the potential company’s profile. Therefore, we pledge to create unique, yet desirable company profiles that incorporate all the major aspects that immediately influence the employee to apply.

SEO Job Description

Whenever a candidate searches for a job on the internet, he/she is driven towards those links that are showing on the top. Hence, it’s our duty to land you at the top of the searches so that you and your employee could meet and create a significant impact.

Candidate Experiences

A candidate’s experience is your actual test. When you’ll interact with your potential employee, you need to make sure that your employer brand is aligned with the experience a candidate receives. We’ll be on our toes to redefine the experience that your candidate will love.

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of candidates search for firm’s reputation before applying for the job

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of employers say employer brand plays an important roles in their ability to hire talent

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of candidates search for firm’s reputation before applying for the job

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Employer Branding

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