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Havinlan Internship Program

The internship program offered by Havinlan gives foreign students and graduates employment opportunities so that they can take part in the real world, concerning several fields, to experience the work culture of Finland, and to network in an international environment.

Internship Structures


We offer internship opportunities throughout the entire academic year as follow:

  • Fall Semester: From September through December
  • Spring Semester: From January through May
  • Summer Break: From June through August

An internship can last longer (an entire year or even longer), depending on the project needs and the intern’s availability.


Most of internship program is paid. The salary is sufficient to cover living costs, including accommodation and based on experience and qualifications.

In case it is unpaid internship, we make sure that the interns will get stipends for the internship.


The disciplines are specified by the host organization and sent to the interns before the internships.


The internship usually takes place in Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa, where we have connections with a numerous of companies, organizations, and schools.

Internship Program Eligibility

You are eligible to participate our internship programs if you fulfil all following criterion:

A university student or a graduate who has been graduated within the last two years.

Have knowledge in the field related to the desired post

Able to get adjusted in new surroundings.

Tolerant and can work with new people belonging to different cultures

If you think you can perform better than any of the people who fulfil all the criterion, do not hesitate to send us your stories.

Benefits of the program

Onboarding Support

Being launched since August 2019, the onboarding support is meant to provide services in a wide range of categories for interns in Finland, including: accommodation, Finnish language course, work permit consultancy, and culture guidelines.


Local networking

Finnish language course

Work permit consultancy


We can help you in obtaining the certificate for your internship, which is extremely important in validating your program and getting international career opportunities.

Accreditation for Credit

You will receive university credit in exchange for completing an internship abroad. We can assist you in this procedure to validate your credentials.  

Chance of full-time employment

If the host company is happy with the performance of an intern, the internship program has high chances of leading to full-time employment. 

Free ebook

Working life in Finland guideline

Welcome to Finland. We understand your worries when starting a whole new life in the foreign country. This guideline will lead you to everything you need to know before you come to Finland

Starting a new life and work in Finland Guideline


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