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IT Jobs in IT Sectors in Finland

When the world thinks about Finland, the biggest name which comes to people’s mind is the technology giant NOKIA, but when it failed Finnish economy came to a slowdown. But it is at a even better place now with the evolution of the Gaming industry. The gaming companies hired all employees which were laid off by Nokia and those candidates are still given preference in the ICT industry jobs. Alongwith the gaming industry, the startups and with them foreign investors are entering the Finnish job market.

Now comes the question about the most demanding jobs in Finland then let’s talk about the exact percentage, 66% jobs are in ICT industry: Software Engineers and developers, IT System or network administrators and Data Analysts are the people who are in great demand currently. Therefore the people who study or work technology are the ones in benefit these days and have very less competition compared to other jobs. There is no doubt that ICT industry candidates are also the highly paid people currently. If we talk specifically, Data Analyst is the niche these days. With software engineers being the most wanted workers, the other most searched skills by recruiters in Finland are currently full-stack, backend and frontend development, alongwith JavaScript. In current scenario the salaries in Finnish ICT Industry is high and is also open to look at international candidates, that’s the good news for international candidates. Companies hiring for ICT jobs currently are: Unity Technologies, Smartly, Tieto, Telia, Pheonix Group, Nordcloud etc.

How about Gaming Industries?

Alongwith ICT industry, the gaming companies are doing well in current scenario in Finland. Few such companies are Rovio, Supercell, Next Games, Seriously, Sulake, Remedy Entertainment, Frozenbyte and a lot more. The Finnish gaming industry is one of the fastest growing in the global gaming market with an average growth rate of 45%. In 2016, the Finnish gaming industry set a record-high turnover of 2.5 billion euros which will definitely grow further. Finland has a video game industry of 260 active video game developer studios, roughly a dozen professional players and countless enthusiastic amateurs. The most important games developed in Finland include Max Payne, Rally Trophy, Stardust and Angry Birds.



There are endless opportunities in both the ICT industry and gaming industry and will surely create a lot more jobs in Finland in near future.

Strategy & Consulting

Internship Program – Helsinki, Finland – Accenture

Field Application Engineering Intern

Engineering Intern – Helsinki, Finland – Texas Instruments

Business Intelligence Analyst

Internship Program – Helsinki, Finland – Unity Technologies

Finance & Accounting

Internship Program – Helsinki, Finland – Texas Instruments

Business Analyst

Internship Program – Helsinki, Finland – Reddal

Software Engineer

Internship Program – Helsinki, Finland – Nvidia

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