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The critical factors that influence the recruitment process in Finland

Recruitment Process in Finland

A – Some of the recruitment challenges faced by Finnish companies

Recruiting the best talent for a company has always been a great challenge worldwide, including Finland, because it is a highly complex process that involves many factors. Moreover, the current COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically disturbed the entire business landscape, and several changes are highly expected in the recruitment process in Finland.

According to the 2020 data compiled and analyzed by Duunitori, recruitment in Finland has been enjoying a steep growth in the last four years. However, a further significant increase is not expected. In fact, the recruitment challenges are rapidly increasing due to evolving business culture and practices.

In 2019, the recruitment in Finland increased by about 69% while it only increased by 59% till March 2020. It shows that recruitment is slightly decreasing and expected to become stagnant in the next few years. Currently, recruitment has been down by 15% compared to 2019. By the end of 2020, Duunitori is expecting a decrease of 18%.

In 2019, the recruitment in Finland increased by about 69% while it only increased by 59% till March 2020. It shows that recruitment is slightly decreasing and expected to become stagnant in the next few years. Currently, recruitment has been down by 15% compared to 2019. By the end of 2020, Duunitori is expecting a decrease of 18%.

Some of the recruitment challenges faced by Finnish companies:

1 – Finding Skillful and Qualified Employees

Despite the fact that many local and international people are competing for the same position, finding and selecting a suitable person for a job is becoming very challenging. It happens because many companies lack the right skills and recruitment strategies needed to hire the right qualified individual. Duunitori’s report indicates that finding qualified people has more about 7% more difficult in 2020, especially in the social and medical sectors.

2 – Lack of appreciation

Many Finnish companies make the grave mistake of not allocating the required budget and resources needed for an efficient recruitment process. Organizations that do not rely on RPO services face this issue of not correctly handling in-house recruitment. Furthermore, whenever a vacancy opens, the companies want to fill it as soon as possible. In reality, thorough research and background checks are needed to correctly fill a position. A high-scale position might even take up to six months to fill, which many companies are not willing to accept.

3 – Lack of training

There is a dearth of trained and experienced candidates in Finnish companies that has added to the difficulties of the recruitment process. More training exercises and workshops are needed in most of the Finnish organizations.

4 – Competition

Some of the Finnish industries, such as the ICT sector, has become highly competitive. Fierce competition has made it difficult for employers to select the most suitable employee for a position. 

Nothing we do is more important than hiring people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies.

— Lawrence Bossidy —

B – Important Factors of Recruitment Decision

1 – Employee Motivation

Motivation is the most critical factor of recruitment in Finland. Around 75% of the employers in Finland give motivation the priority while filling a position. Finnish companies are always looking for highly motivated and passionate individuals willing to work hard for the company’s success. Generally, motivation is considered essential because a motivated workplace allows organizations to reach their goals quickly and efficiently. It enhances the productivity of the business processes and increases the levels of output.

2 – Suitability

Hiring a qualified person that is suitable for the corporate culture is the second most important factor that influences the recruitment decision in Finland. It is essential to hire a well-suited individual for the company’s culture because if the new employee is not able to fit with the team members, it will affect the entire organization, and the employees will become disengaged. Hiring an ill-suited person is very common, even among the large enterprises. Therefore, it is vital to make a hiring decision after thorough research and analysis.

3 – Work experiences

Many Finnish organizations prefer experienced professionals with fresh individuals. Experienced employees certainly bring a professional perspective into a company and ensure optimum performance with minimum risks involved.

4 – Special skills

Skills are also a very important factor that affects the recruitment process in Finland. These skills vary from industry to industry. Generally, basic IT skills like using a computer, Microsoft Office, and other such rudimentary tools are preferred by a variety of industries because the majority of the sectors are relying on computers and technology in some way or another.

5 – Suitability

Some Finnish companies prefer to hire trained candidates. However, training is also a huge recruitment issue because there is a lack of training of professionals that proves to be a significant obstacle in the recruitment process, especially in technical industries.

6 – Other factors

Other than these top 5 factors, there are many other things that affect the entire recruitment process in Finland. Such factors can vary from industry to industry. Generally, things like previous jobs, the reason why an employee left a job, references, and gaps in work history affect hiring decisions to a certain extent.

Nationality, age, and sexuality are considered to be the least important factors impacting a recruitment decision in Finland. Around 60% to 80% of the Finnish companies do not consider these aspects to be significant in their recruitment process.   

C – Popular methods of recruitment

While a significant number of people rely on conventional job applications, there has been a sharp decline in the importance of the print media for recruiting the right talent. Instead, modern technology and platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are quickly becoming the most important channels of recruitment. Moreover, 79% of the participants of the Duunitori study said that they use mobile phones to find job opportunities. It means mobile phones are becoming extremely popular for searching for jobs.  

In terms of the best websites for job seekers, Duunitori survey declares that the top five websites are: Duunitori, LinkedIn, TE-Palvelut, Oikotie Työpaikat, and Muut työpaikkasivustot. The applications, social media platforms, and websites allow the recruiters to deploy the best strategies in the recruitment process and streamline the entire process.


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