Recruiting with AI Technology

The AI – powered Recruitment Service

Our recruitment process makes use of the best AI recruitment tools and technology to make the recruitment process more efficient, productive, reliable, and cost-effective.

Innovative HR Solution

Full RPO Service

In full RPO service, businesses outsource an entire hiring process to Havinlan. We manage the whole hiring process and make pre-decision with you, from the first requisition to the final hire.

Customized Service Package

Function-based RPO Service

If you have already done some recruiting steps on your own, and you only need us for the rest, the price can even be cheaper. You can choose from below the steps to outsource to Havinlan.


Customized service packages

We offer both full life cycle RPO service and on-demand RPO services

What we can promise


No extra cost for HR expertise thanks to the help of AI Robot

Fast delivery

Guarantee response within 24 hours without clients reviewing CV

Better quality of hire

Data – driven hiring decision is the most effective

With the AI Tech, we automatically screen every applicant without you reviewing a single resume – response within 48 hours

SEO Job Description

Strategic sourcing & headhunting

Application Management


Analytics Support

Curved Line Curved Line

Writing SEO Job Description

Job description is the first interaction job seekers will have with your company. Whenever a candidate searches for a job on the internet, he/she is driven towards those links that are showing on the top.

Sourcing and headhunting

We advertise roles across different outlets using a unique combination of trusted job websites, media channels and social media to ensure the job role is seen by the right people. In addition, our resume extractor plug-in helps source and extract potential profiles from any social media platforms in any format

Application Management

The application management includes: parsing resume to extract information (basic info, skill sets, education details, experience details, etc…), pre-screening assessment, interview scheduling, and automated feedback generation

Automated feedback generation

Candidates are always impressed by companies that give them feedback for improvement even though they get rejected. Though it helps a lot in developing employer brand, it will take time. We can help you cover this part with the help of intelligent automation.

How We Work with You

We work until we successfully identify the perfect candidates who match your criterion.

Step 1


Our recruitment team will work with you to analyze every requirement of the position you want to fill, your corporate culture, and your core business.

Step 2


Our team then initiates the recruitment process based on the information provided in the meeting and respond to you within 1 -2 days from the time you make a request.

Step 3


When the job is done, we will carefully analyze the whole recruitment process and measure Return on Investment for the report.

We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Recruiting with AI

With the AI Tech, we automatically screen every applicant without you reviewing a single resume – response within 48 hours

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