By Staff Writer August 30th, 2020

RPO: The perfect hiring solution for small businesses (SMEs)

HIring solutions for SMEs

Building recruiting teams can be an exhausting task for small businesses and startups due to the availability of limited resources and budget constraints. Fortunately, the evolution of RPO enables startups to adopt scalable and customizable RPO solutions at an affordable cost.

RPO is much better than traditional hiring process

Many factors have made the traditional hiring process redundant and ineffective. Companies spend a lot of resources like time, money, and energy on recruiting agencies, and often end up getting disappointed with the results.We live in the digital age, but many traditional recruiters have not been able to keep up with times, and modern technology is not utilized in the hiring process.

Startups often face financial hurdles during their initial years in the market and usually lack the experience and the expertise required to thrive in the market. They need people with specialized skills in different sectors to hire qualified people and make their business a success.

RPO save time and money for SMEs

Startups also face immense challenges in talent acquisition because the market has become complex and difficult to navigate for young entrepreneurs. The current hiring system of the majority of the companies does provide opportunities to international people as it is difficult to connect with an international candidate via the traditional hiring process.

In such cases, RPO plays an essential role in taking over the internal recruitment function from startups and small businesses. It allows you to rely on reliable RPO partners and not worry about forming your own recruiting team. Havinlan plays it the role of RPO provider diligently and implements modern solutions that attract the top talent for your company.

We acknowledge the fact that high-level recruiting options applied in large enterprises are not adaptable for small-businesses. To mitigate this issue, we develop a custom recruitment process plan and adjust it according to a specialized RPO model that is designed according to the requirements of the startups and small businesses.

Havinlan plays it the role of RPO provider diligently and implements modern solutions that attract the top talent for your company.We offer the following advantages to our clients:

Our People, Your team

The Recruiting You Need

A custom recruiting model designed from the principals of Recruitment Process Outsourcing to fit startup ecosystem


Better Quality Candidates

The qualification, skills, and expertise of the interns and workers can be the make or break factor for the startups, so Havinlan recruiters are dedicated to providing high-quality candidates to the clients. 

Save Money

Funds are extremely important for startups, and RPO can result in saving a significant amount of money. It allows the company to flourish by investing in finance in other departments.

Globalization and Diversity

Diversity in a business environment is essential for the success and globalization of any business. If you want your startup to be diverse and open to people all over the world, Havinlan can connect you with qualified interns and workers from different cultures and backgrounds. 

Ease in Future Hiring

The candidate pipeline built by our devoted recruiters is shared with our clients, which can make the future hiring efficient and reliable. It forms long-term partnerships with companies, and they can rely on us to handle the recruitment process whenever they need it. 

A Large Pool of Talent

As an RPO and IRPO provider, Havinlan is always establishing relationships with international and local partners as well as qualified people all over the world. We have a large pool of talent and can provide a qualified workforce to startups according to their requirements. 

Long – Term Partnership

Companies often hire recruiters for a small amount of time. While having an RPO provider, like Havinlan, allows you to form long-term partnerships and get any recruitment problem solved by our customizable RPO solutions.

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