How To Design The Perfect Onboarding Process In 5 Steps?

By Staff Writer February 1st, 2021


It is the dream of every organization to improve its employee retention rates. However, many businesses are not familiar with the strategies that they should implement to achieve this goal. Implementing an efficient and reliable onboarding process is the key to improving the retention rates and increasing the productivity of the employees.

On the other hand, studies and surveys indicate that poor onboarding experiences are among the leading cause of employees leaving their positions within the first six months. Therefore, you have to pay special attention to the design and implementation of an excellent onboarding experience.

Before moving on towards the five major steps to design a reliable onboarding experience, it is important to discuss the condition that most of the new employees go through when they start working at a new job. At first, they are very excited by the opportunity, but this excitement gets clouded with fear with time because they start realizing that they will have to change their entire routine. Moreover, they start getting overwhelmed with the company’s working procedures.

The good thing is that you can easily make this process easier for the employees by following these five steps to design the perfect onboarding process:

1 – Preboarding Activities

Preboarding is the time period between a new hire accepting their job offer and their first day at the company. It is an important part of the entire onboarding process. You can plan a variety of preboarding activities in your organization because it will help the new employees in many different ways.

The purpose of preboarding is to introduce the company’s working procedures and other employees to the new hires so that they do not get overwhelmed during their initial days at the company. It is an effective tool to boost the new employees’ confidence and provide them with the much-needed opportunity to prepare for the first day.

Some of the preboarding activities that you can plan are:

a – Welcome Email

You should welcome the new employee into your company and use this opportunity to familiarize the new employees with the company’s organizational culture, mission, and goals. It will make the new hires feel welcomed and motivate them to work for the betterment of the company. A thorough schedule about the routine of the new employee can also be included in this welcome email.

b – Employee Handbook

You can also prepare a general employee handbook or pamphlet for your organization and send them to the new employees to help them in preparing for the workplace cultures, rules, and working procedures.

c – Introduce the Team Through a Short Video

It would be best if you considered introducing your team to the new employees before their first day. It can be done by creating a short video in which the employees will introduce themselves so that the new employee is not overwhelmed on the first day by meeting a lot of new colleagues.

2 – First Day

It would be best if you considered introducing your team to the new employees before their first day. It can be done by creating a short video in which the employees will introduce themselves so that the new employee is not overwhelmed on the first day by meeting a lot of new colleagues.

This will significantly boost the confidence of the new employee, and they will certainly feel comfortable in a new working environment.

3 – An Extensive Onboarding Process

Remember that a perfect onboarding process is an extensive, continually evolving process. It is a known fact that onboarding programs should be as long as possible. Generally, most employers should design their onboarding process to be at least three months long. During this period, you are supposed to help the new employee get comfortable with your company’s working environment so that they can get more proficient and productive with time.

Frequent check-ins are essential to make sure the new employees are on the right track and making progress as per your expectations. This time period also involves the training of the new employees.

Managers should set realistic training goals and track the new employees’ progress to ensure they are settling in the company effectively. It is the managers’ and business owners’ responsibility to keep the promises made to the new employees during the recruitment cycle. It will improve the reputation of the company, and the employee will keep working for the benefit of the organization.

4 – Social Integration

The entire purpose of having the perfect onboarding process is to integrate the new employees into your organizational culture. Researches also show that employees who have friends at work are likely to keep working at the company for a long period of time and stay engaged. You can facilitate the new hires’ social integration by creating new opportunities, such as by starting a mentor program or assigning a work buddy to the new employer.

5 – Get feedback and adapt

The last and critical step of designing a perfect onboarding process is that you should get regular feedback from the employees and make any required changes to the onboarding experience as per their feedback. You have to remember the fact that there is no one specific formula for a perfect onboarding process. Instead, it is an evolving concept that is highly dependent on the type and scale of your company.

Since the goal of having an onboarding experience is to facilitate the new hires, you should definitely get their feedback about the good as well as ineffective aspects of the onboarding process on a regular basis and make the improvements to get the perfect onboarding process for your company.


Even though designing the best onboarding process can seem like an unrealistic goal to a lot of companies, but the above discussion shows that it is achievable by keeping up with the time and making sure the onboarding process is tweaked from time to time to facilitate the new employees in every way possible.

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