By Staff Writer December 15th, 2020

3 Effective Approaches to Recruit Top Talents

Recruit Top Talents

How to recruit top talents can be a painstaking task involving lots of checks and procedures. In the traditional context, receiving, sorting and storing the applications are already time-consuming hassles. The recruiting process can be costly. Sometimes choosing the best candidate out of thousands of applicants may cost a few months worth of salary of a regular employee, and take months of process. However, recruitment only does not guarantee finding the best talents. The question is, how do we optimize the process and recruit top talents from millions of jobs seekers out there?

So, let’s figure out three effective approaches that can help us recruit top talents all over the world, letting us choose the best-fit candidate for the job and increase candidate retention…

Finding the correct job specifications

Getting the job specification right is the first effective approach to find top talents while saving money and time and also recruit top talents. It’s important to advertise the job requirements and responsibilities of the job profile in a simple and friendly language by which the candidates cannot be misled. Therefore, make sure the job seekers know exactly who you are looking for.

For example, if you are looking for a Senior developer, someone with 2 years of experience cannot qualify for the job as they have somewhat different responsibilities according to different experience levels. The most understandable job advertisements receive the least number of irrelevant applications. Therefore, be specific with how you define the job title. Consequently, it will help you find a high potential talent and in turn, buy you some time to focus on the most deserving candidates.

Using Recruitment Software (AI)

Utilizing the latest technology and proper planning will improve your recruitment processes and to recruit top talents, this is the next effective approach. There are applicant tracking software that enable recruiters to track and modify their hiring process. It fastens the process and efficiently manages the various essential activities like sourcing and screening candidates, communication etc.

Tracking a candidate’s profile is also easier than ever. Therefore, the recruiter can verify the job demands and check whether the applicant fulfills them, which is basically “matchmaking” in other words. Every step in the process can be done in a few simple clicks, from job posting to informing candidates. Most of the steps are done automatically by AI, therefore human error and cognitive bias are eliminated. Moreover, the hiring process will become more streamlined if you make sure that all outreach is optimized for mobile devices since it’s more convenient to stay updated through a mobile phone than a computer system.

Making us of social media to recruit Top Talents

Social media is much more than just befriending people. Keeping the employers and job seekers staying connected is one of the functions of social media if we know how to make use of it wisely. LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter are the most popular platforms that have helped to enhance most recruitment processes in the recent years.

Social media is not only affordable, but also easy-to-use as a tool to target an audience with your outreach in order to hire good employees.

As an instance, Instagram has been a robust platform to attract and create a strong brand reputation if used strategically. Since all these mediums are mobile-friendly, jobseekers and potential candidates can access them anytime, anywhere and are able to share posts and employers’ profiles to anyone in their connections.

With the help of social media, recruiters around the world are reducing long working hours by being able to examine the applicant’s interest in the job easily with just one click. Therefore, this is indeed an effective approach to reach the widest range of potential employees and not miss good candidates. Social media is also a channel for employers to background-check candidates.

All in all, recruiters must be smart decision-makers when it comes to attracting Top Talents. Recruiting is one thing, but finding the best talents is another goal to focus on. There are tons of tools and software nowadays to minimize the workload and maximize the quality of recruitment. Technology definitely plays a crucial part in every aspect and every industry. Finding the most excellent employees can be simple, if technology is used wisely along with smart strategies. Recruiters must always renovate their systems and adapt to new approaches constantly.

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