The article covers tips on how to write an attractive CV by pointing out the most common CV mistakes .



Writing an attractive CV can be quite difficult because it is not easy to make strong first impressions, especially when you are just starting out and may not have much work experience. Even the great candidates might find it difficult to write an excellent CV due to the enormous pressure associated with this process.

As a result. there are some common mistakes that people make while creating and submitting their CVs. The good thing is that you can easily avoid these CV mistakes by following some particular strategies. Following are the top 5 CV mistakes and their solutions:


Poor Formatting


You must remember the fact that no one likes a poorly formatted official document like a CV. If your CV is not clear and easy to read, then you will end up annoying the employers, even if you have an impressive background. Employers have the tendency to review the CVs at an extremely quick rate, so you must ensure that your CV is properly formatted so it can stand out and increase your chances of securing the job.

One of the best methods to solve this issue is by keeping your CV concise and to the point. There is no purpose of using too many words to describe your ambitions or work history. You can fulfill the same purpose by using suitable words and short sentences. Moreover, make sure that your CV template is not cluttered.

Top 5 CV mistakes - Poor Formatting



Irrelevance to the job ads

It is a very common mistake that people create a general CV and send it whenever there is a job vacancy. However, this kind of practice is disliked by the employers because it does not only waste their time but also shows that the candidate has not carefully read the job ad.

You can easily avoid this issue by reading the job ad and tailoring your CV to a particular job application. Highlight the keywords like the desired job position and your skills that make you the best candidate for this job. Using appropriate language and bolding the keywords is the key to writing an attractive CV. 

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Skills not mentioned

Many candidates make the mistake of assuming that writing their educational background and work history is enough to tell employers about their skills. However, you should not make such assumptions.

Instead, give concise details about your skills in a separate section of your CV. Mention the technical skills that you might have. For example, any IT related skills you might have learned like programming languages or various editing software. These skills must be mentioned separately to ensure the employers are familiar with your knowledge and skills of different products and services.


Long paragraphs


The entire purpose of a CV is to allow the employers to get quick information about the candidates applying for a job and make a decision about whether they should call for further discussion or interview. You should remember that there are usually hundreds and even thousands of people applying for the same job. Hence, your CV should be as precise as possible.

If you want your CV to be attractive to the employers, you should avoid turning it into a long story or an essay. Instead, choose a simple format and write your CV as per the job ad so that you are wasting any time on unnecessary details.




Grammar mistakes

Grammar mistakes and typos are possible in any kind of writing. However, it does not mean that you cannot get rid of them. You must spend a considerable amount of your time to properly write and format your CV. Moreover, you have to proofread it several times to eliminate any grammar and spelling mistakes. Using online tools and websites like Grammarly is also highly recommended to ensure the maximum perfection of your CV.


It is important to focus on eliminating spelling and grammar mistakes from your CV because you have to remember that the employers are not only examining your skills and experience, but also your written communication skills. CVs are the very first form of communication that you have with your employers, so you must try to make them as perfect as possible. 

These are the top five CV mistakes that you should avoid to write an attractive CV. You can always find the formats and layout of professional CVs on the internet, so it is much better for you to rely on them. Such templates are beneficial for every type of job applicant, especially beginners. In short, you can write an attractive CV by properly formatting it, keeping it concise, proofreading it, and adapting it to the specific job that you are applying for. 

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