Only passionhard work are the keys to our success.

  • Get hands-on technical experience
  • Exploring the Finnish startup ecosystem
  • Over 50% of the internships lead to full-time employment in Finland

Entrepreneurship requires a creative mind that generates refreshing ideas for innovating the business landscape by combining the knowledge gained from formal education and application of the skills in practical life. Experience is of utmost importance in this era of extreme competitiveness. We are offering entrepreneurship internship in some of the most exciting startups to the young business executives. Such opportunities will help the future change makers to gain practical experience of the working environment and be ready to face the challenges of the future.


Not just Tittles, but hands-on Experiences

A myriad of startups is looking for qualified interns annually who have a high possibility of getting hired after internship periods. Our company is determined to place interns in renowned companies that provide hands-on practical experience.

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Marketing Internship

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Finance & Accounting Internship

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Engineering Internship

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Technology Internship

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Hospitality & Hotel Internship


Be Creative, Be Innovative

Every Entrepreneur Should Be an Intern First


Hand – on Work Experience

Just like any other field, the importance of practical work experience cannot be understated in entrepreneurship. An internship is the essential building block of getting hands-on experience as it improves the skillsets of the interns and prepares them to navigate their way through real-world scenarios.

It is crucial for the young entrepreneurs to do internships not just for the sake of money or working their way up the ladder, but also to collect information about the practicalities of entrepreneurship and observe the working procedures in real situations. Such skills and knowledge of the interns give them a strategic advantage in their professional life, and that is why more than 50% of the interns are usually hired permanently by Finnish companies.


Learn How to Make your Own Decision

Interning in a company provides a unique opportunity of making important decisions about a project or company’s policies. Employers are also keen to get different opinions from the interns by giving them stringent positions, which you should utilize as your chance of shining in your capacity by suggesting some well-researched and efficient solutions. Such situations will help you grow as a young entrepreneur and determine if you have what it takes to be a responsible decision-maker.


Network, Network, & Network

Networking is a vital part of business and entrepreneurship. An internship is one of the best ways for you to cultivate good relations with the top entrepreneurs from all over the world.Companies and schools conduct several events every month, which are open to everyone and anyone with a good idea. If you manage to maintain these relationships and establish an extensive network of associates, you get a jumpstart on your path of becoming successful entrepreneurship. Networking is also important because if you have a mutual vision with any of your colleagues, you can become partners in a potential venture.

Learn How to Run a Company

Know What You Want to Do, How to Do It

To be a savvy entrepreneur, you must have a clear vision of what to and what not to do in running a successful company. The importance of internship comes into play at this moment as, during your internship, you can learn all about the good practices implemented by top entrepreneurs and the bad strategies avoided by them.

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