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Tons of great internship opportunities in game companies in Finland

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Undoubtedly, Finland’s gaming industry is one of the most sectors in Europe. After the acquisition of Nokia, the largest mobile phone manufacturer and brand from Finland, by Microsoft, Finland shifted to focus on becoming an attractive startup hub in Europe which would be welcoming to various kinds of people and ideas from all over the world.

As a result, Finland recently has become a prominent name for the startup, especially game companies. The industry is rapidly growing and providing a lot of job and internship opportunities to both local and international qualified people. In fact, renowned game companies like the Neogames have called for more investment to attract the top international video game designers and artists in the Finnish game industry. The interns can find a great number of opportunities in the booming Finnish game sector and become a part of an important industry that is changing the gaming landscape and bringing great pride to the Finns.The following points discuss the significance of the gaming industry in Finland.

Finland – One of Europe’s Hottest Startup Hubs

Finland is dedicated and focused on becoming an attractive startup hub in Europe, which would be welcoming to various kinds of people and ideas from all over the world. Hundreds of startups are established in Finland every year with the help of an investment from the government as well as international investors. If you are an ambitious individual who has a lot of great ideas and want a platform to execute it, doing an internship in a Finnish startup would be a great start.

The investors and various organizations have turned their attention to startups, which are increasingly becoming the pride of Finland. Nokia, the world-renowned mobile phone company, was once the Finns’ pride that put Finland on the map. Soon after the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft in 2013, Finland turned towards other sectors, such as startups. Among many different types of new companies, gaming startups have emerged to be hugely successful in bringing employment opportunities and massive revenue.

Popular Games Developed by Finnish Game Companies

In the Finnish startup ecosystem, people can expect to turn their ideas into a reality by getting investment for research and development. Gaming industry startups and industry of Finland are famous around the world. Finnish game companies developed well-known games like Max Payne, Angry Birds, Stardust, and Clash of Clans. 

Any great game that people love and enjoy today was once just an idea in someone’s mind. If you also have an idea of a game that you would like to play and share with the world, consider applying for an internship program in one of the many well-known Finnish game companies.

Finnish Gaming Industry Produces A Great Amount of Revenue

In the last few years, the gaming startup companies have enjoyed a considerable amount of investment from Tekes as well as independent investors because many Finnish companies have made their mark in this highly competitive industry. Some of the most famous Finnish game companies are Supercell, Grand Cru, Rovio, and RedLynx.

Investing in gaming startup companies has proved to be highly profitable for the Finnish economy. In 2014, Tekes invested €30 million in the gaming industry, and €1.8 billion revenue was generated in the same year. This investment and profits have continued to improve over the period of time. In 2016, the Finnish gaming industry set an impressive record turnover of and €2.5 billion. By 2018, this turnover was €2.1 billion. This tremendous amount of revenue is a testament to the fact that new talent and interns can secure a future in this industry.

Finland Game Industry Is welcome the Internationals 

Popular game companies like Ubisoft, Unity, Electronics Arts, and Disney are generating employment in the Finnish game industry. Rovio, a $1 billion Finnish video game developer company, also recruit international people to Helsinki. More and more people and investors are getting attracted to the startups, especially booming Finnish game industry. The collapse of Nokia in Finland is considered a significant factor that has sped up the development of the Finnish startup ecosystem. Since the Finnish game industry is a rapidly growing sector, there are tons of opportunities to do internships in these game companies.

Since the Finnish game industry is a rapidly growing sector, there are tons of opportunities to do internships in these game companies. In 2017, the Finnish game industry’s average growth rate was 45%, and about 20% of the game developers in Finnish companies were from overseas. Many leading companies like Neogames have called for an easy and smooth immigration process to attract more game developers. They even suggested investment of €100 million to get the top international talent in Finnish gaming companies. All of such measures indicate the fact that the game companies in Finland are ready to welcome skillful and qualified international interns.

The number of people employed in Finland’s €2 billion-plus game industry is increasing every year. In 2018, about 3,200 people were employed in the gaming companies compared to the 2,600 people employed in 2016. It proves the fact that opportunities are increasing in Finnish companies. With more employment and investment, the quality and quantity of the internship programs are also growing at these companies to accommodate the interns from every corner of the world.

Whether you are just a beginner or an expert in game development and management, you can avail of several internship opportunities in Finland. Prepare your online portfolio with our work game samples and contact us to get your dream internship in a renowned Finnish game company!

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