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Top 5 Recruitment Trends in 2020 You Should Know

Top 5 recruitment trends in 2020

The recruitment and hiring process has greatly evolved in the last few years due to the advent of modern tools and technology in the HR industry. Recruitment trends have always evolved in some way or another but the current COVID-19 pandemic has given a significant boost to such changes.It is important to keep up with the evolving recruitment and hiring trends to make sure the companies are using the best tools and strategies to find the perfect candidates for their offered positions.

Hiring and Recruitment Trends in 2020

The previous year, 2019, has not been a good year for evolution in recruitment practices because there is a huge gap between the demands of the employers and the expectations of the employees. As a result, there were different types of challenges faced by the HR industry in recruiting the right talent for the companies.

Here are the top five latest recruitment trends:

1 – Employer Branding

Hiring the right talent for different companies and specific sectors is becoming highly difficult, especially for those HR departments that are not evolving and adopting modern recruitment strategies. One such challenge is that many companies are not focusing on proper branding due to which they are not able to attract the best candidates.

It is important that companies keep in mind that everyone wants to work with the best companies. Therefore, it is important for the employer to build a brand to be attractive to potential employees. The vision and mission of the organization must be stated very clearly to explain the company’s goal to the employers.

Surveys also indicate that most of the job seekers, especially experienced ones, are looking for well-established brands. Therefore, providing a reliable employee experience has become an important recruitment trend.

2 – Role of AI in Recruitment and Hiring

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are playing a critical role in the HR industry. A lot of advancements are being made in the AI industry which allows you to implement different types of tools and technology in the recruitment and hiring process. AI solutions have greatly evolved from being highly expensive solutions to reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use HR solutions.

The future workplace is imagined as a composition of a quick, agile, and digital environment that is capable of fulfilling several business requirements. Therefore, it is highly expected most of the HR departments will start incorporating AI in the recruitment process and move away from the conventional hiring process.

AI is changing the recruitment and hiring process in many different ways. For instance, the job searching process is now becoming optimized for voice search that allows candidates to find suitable jobs quickly. Similarly, it has applications in the marketing of the company’s products and services which leads to better branding and a significant improvement in the hiring process. These kinds of automation tools are making the recruiting process quicker, easier, affordable, and more efficient.

3 – Remote Working

Remote working is the ‘new’ normal. Most of the companies have to adopt the relatively new model of working from home due to the global pandemic. As a result, candidates are now looking for flexible schedules and companies that have strong work-from-home policies. Many companies have even towards remote working completely.

This rising trend of remote working has a huge impact on the recruitment and hiring process. It allows employers to hire people anywhere in the world. As a result, the HR departments are now getting access to a larger talent pool because there are no restrictions on geographical boundaries.

The use of tools and technologies that facilitate remote working is continuously rising. It is expected that a similar trend will continue in the next few years due to which the HR departments will also have to use suitable recruitment strategies.

4 – Social Media Recruitment

The number of social media users is growing exponentially. As a result, social media is also being used for official purposes like marketing and hiring new talent. Social media recruitment is a highly viable option for companies and HR departments to find potential candidates and get in touch with them directly.

Moreover, increasing mobile usage and popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, allow recruiters to attract more potential employees. You can expect to see a rapid rise in the use of recruiting hashtags and attractive content on social media to encourage more candidates to apply for different job positions. 

5 – Diversity

Diversity and inclusivity have proven to be need of the modern times as it helps the companies in increasing their efficiency and productivity. As a result, the HR departments are expected to spend a significant amount of time and resources on establishing diverse teams for the company. Many organizations and recruiting companies now have specific staff dedicated to increasing diversity in the company.

Therefore, as per the modern recruiting and hiring trend, companies will have to tailor their job postings to attract a diverse field of candidates. The language of the job descriptions is also being reshaped to make it more gender-neutral and advertising jobs in numerous community groups.

Keeping up with such ever-evolving recruitment and hiring trends can be quite challenging for a lot of companies and HR departments. Therefore, Havinlan has taken the responsibility of using modern tools and technology to make the recruitment and hiring process efficient, faster, and reliable for different types of organizations.


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